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Medical Treatment in Japan

We offer support for a wide variety of treatments including cancer, heart disease, and orthopedic surgery. We bring you the most suitable proposals from leading doctors and medical institutions, while taking each patient's disease, status and goals into consideration.
You can also request just a second opinion or medical diagnosis.


CABG (3 anastomoses)

Male, 49 years old
Nationality: Kazakhstan

Hospitalization: 2 weeks, 1 week outpatient visits

Diagnosed with ischemic heart disease in China. Underwent treatment for symptomatic relief for about 1 year.
Diagnosed (remotely) with suspected heart failure by a renowned cardiac surgeon from Japan. Immediate emergency hospitalization was deemed necessary.
Recovered after CABG surgery performed in Japan about 3 weeks after the remote diagnosis. Patient making satisfactory progress.


Suspected head/cervical spine condition

Male, 33 years old
Nationality: Mongolian

Consultation time: About 2 hrs
Consultation: Head MRI, neck MRI, head and neck CT, etc.

Patient suffered dizziness, numbness of the hands and tinnitus continuously after a horse riding accident about 15 years previously. He was examined in 2 countries including his own, but received no definitive diagnosis. He was examined by a leading head and neck doctor at a Japanese hospital and diagnosed with traumatic cerebral infarction. He was relieved to have clarity on the cause of his condition and future treatment options.

Other Cases (Selected)

  • - Stomach cancer
  • - Cervical cancer
  • - Fracture of left femur
    (fracture treatment, creation of prosthesis, rehabilitation)
  • - Meniscus injury
  • - Brain tumor
  • - Type 1 diabetes
  • - Detached retina