Patient Services

Procedures We Offer

Staffs familiar with health care sites will coordinate your visits to medical institutions and doctors, and ensure that everything goes smoothly after your arrival.

Coordination of Treatment

1Initial consultation
Consultation for the reguired treatment based on the patient's medical information (doctor's medical report, test results, diagnostic image etc.)
2Referral to medical institutions/Cost estimates
We will select the most suitable medical institution for you, based on your requests and condition, and present a cost estimate
3Coordination starts
After you have decided on the medical institution, costs and services, we begin preparations for your admission
We liaise with medical institutions on your behalf to prepare the details of visits and treatments
5Visa application
We will assist to apply the necessary visa for your treatment in Japan (medical stay or tourism)
6Final adjustment and Preparation for going to Japan
Liaison with medical institutions for admission and other procedures and other organizations for assistance with all aspects of travel including interpreting and accommodation if necessary
7Travel to Japan
We will provide assistance to have consultation and other services at medical institutions after arrival of Japan

Coordination of Medical Examinations / Check-ups

1Initial consultation
Identification of your condition and needs, along with consultation on suitable facilities and services based on your aims and requested examinations
2Referral to medical institutions/Cost estimates
Offer for recommended medical institutions and price of examination
3Formal application
We will submit the formal application after selecting facility and agreeing to our services
4Visa application and coordination of itinerary
Assistance with Japanese visa application and travel itinerary
5Travel to Japan
We will provide assistance to have the health check-up/screening after your arrival of Japan

Considering Treatment in Japan (Guidelines)

Prior to using the coordination services, please consult your own primary care physician and think about your medical treatment after returning to your own country.
Give serious consideration to potential risks that may arise in combination with treatment (including surgery) after a long flight or stay in Japan before using the coordination services.
Send as much medical information as possible concerning your case when making an inquiry about treatment.
You are responsible for confirming the validity of any certifications, clinical data, medical licenses and clinical experience of physicians, etc. that medical institutions post on web sites.
You are personally responsible for all cost estimates, including but not limited to the cost of medical treatments.
Any differences between information supplied beforehand by the patient and results of examinations at medical institutions in Japan may involve changes to the planned therapeutic regimen and expenses as presented before travel, including the possibility of not receiving scheduled treatment.
You must follow instructions from medical personnel and comply with the rules of any medical institutions you are referred to such that medical care is not subject to any delay.
You must check all consent documents provided by the medical institutions and by Capital Medica and only travel after consenting to them.

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