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Why Japan

Japan: Number One for Health Outcomes

Japan's advanced medical technology and techniques have made it the country with the world's longest life expectancy. This is thanks not only to the promotion of preventative medicine, but also excellent health outcomes brought about by better diagnosis and treatment in Japanese medical institutions* and enhanced post-treatment survival rates.

Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited."Health outcomes and cost: A 166-country comparison"

Proactive Approach to Advanced Medical Care

World top-class medical technology in a range of fields, such as particle beam therapy and regenerative medicine, allows Japanese Medicare to provide the most appropriate and highest quality services.

Minimally Invasive Medical Procedures

Actively promote minimally invasive procedures to minimize stress and lead to faster postoperative recovery, with advanced technologies such as particle beam therapy as well as endoscopic, laparoscopic and catheter-based techniques. Japanese Medical society is also committed to developing the necessary technology and equipment.

Team-Based Care

The medical team, consists of specialized doctors and other medical professionals such as pharmacists, nurses, physical therapists, and nutritionists, offers the most appropriate treatment by utilizing combined knowledge and expertise of various fields. Support from specialized medical staff makes it possible to go beyond just treating the disease and also factor in postoperative quality of life.

Tailored Treatment

Medical team offer various options of treatment based on disease state and patient's condition, taking any special requests into consideration.
Treatment is customized for each patient even for the same disease.